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How to prepare for a diversity job fair

jobA diversity job fair is a great place to go, when you are looking for a position. If you are a minority in the workplace, it is a great way for you to showcase your skills and talent, and show why you are a great asset for an employer. In order to prepare, there are a few things that can be done, in order for you to find more viable options, and show more employers why you are a good fit for their company, and what you can bring. (more…)

Creating Effective Resumes

Creative ResumesA resume is a brief, written summary of your skills and experience. It is an overview of who you are and a tool to present yourself to employers. The goal of a well-written resume is to gain a job interview. Job interviews may lead to employment! Employers and Hiring Managers are very busy and tend to rapidly review resumes. Therefore, your resume must quickly catch the employer’s attention. (more…)

Workplace Diversity: Competitive Advantage

In nearly any workplace setting, diversity in the workplace is heavily talked about. You hear it during meetings, in corporate policy, and through other workplace outlets. However, while the message is clear that we need more diversity in America’s workplaces, there are very few instances that explain to you why it is necessary and how it can benefit you and your work environment. Rather than take things at face value, it is always best to examine an issue. This incites a deeper and more concrete understanding which allows movement and change on an issue. Instead of ranting about the necessity of workplace diversity, this post will explain to you the why.

Economic Prosperity

When the company that you work for succeeds, you succeed. One excellent result of more workplace diversity is that it fosters economic prosperity. Think about it for a moment. The more diverse a workplace is, the more companies and workers enjoy more creative wealth that is brought about from people with different angles and walks of life. Workplace diversity does not simply come in the form of personal background, gender, sexual orientation, and so forth, it also comes from employment positions. Take this example for instance: Say your workplace was comprised of mainly a sales team and the supervisor. Not very creative, right? Everyone is thinking the same way and trying for the same goals. However, when you have different teams, those teams bounce ideas off each other that can lead to greater profits.

A Competitive Workforce

With more and more companies and work institutions making their roots in the American economy, it is more imperative than ever for companies to maintain a competitive advantage. Diversity is one way to achieve this goal. Diversity allows companies to capitalize on the unique talents of individuals and to hone in on their skills to suit the greater good of the company. Take for example emergency care services and their paramedic and EMT employees. While a company cannot simply employ EMT’s, they can choose to only employ paramedics, but this would greatly reduce their competitive advantage. The responsibility of an EMT is to provide emergency care services, such as providing immediate care to the injured, conducting CPR, and transporting the victim to the hospital. A paramedic on the other hand is a level above an EMT. Paramedics provide more specialized and specific emergency care services that involve medical equipment. By employing two of these jobs in the workplace, competitiveness is enhanced as the EMT’s provide an excellent support system and help tackle situations that paramedics cannot handle alone.

Language Skills

Lastly, as the United States is constantly evolving towards a more diverse population, companies require individuals to handle this market. Therefore, to give a workplace an advantage, companies do well when they hire individuals that speak languages such as Spanish and Arabic. By doing so, they can contact and help more individuals and reach a greater and more diverse consumer base. This in turn helps to increase revenue and even enhances the company’s image from a public relations standpoint. With more and more people seeing that the workplace is a diverse institution that does its best to help all consumers, and not just the majority population, more people will be impressed and perhaps become consumers of the business.

Overall, while these are only a few points about workplace diversity, there are also many more advantages. A diverse workplace is our future, and the best way to handle it is to do your part. If you see your company lacking, then reach out. The results will be fantastic.

Facing The Struggles Working Women Face In Their Marriage

There is little doubt that the times of a woman being expected to stay home and to be a homemaker are long gone. Sure, some women do have the luxury (some feel this way, some don’t) of staying home to care for the home and the family but many women in today’s world are out working. With more and more households needing two incomes just to make ends-meet it can create a fairly stressful environment for all parties. Unfortunately, this can even strain and/or damage the marriage. On the flip side, some see this a time to draw together but that is much easier said than done. The reality is that more couples than not find this to be a tough situation to get through.

When a husband is out working all day and comes home tired he has little motivation to help around the house, to cook or to clean. And rightfully so, a wife who has also been out working all day doesn’t exactly look forward to coming home to a to-do list. When the couple meet up at home all may seem fine, and probably is, at least for a while. But by the end of the week there can be many chores to do and many things that get overlooked.

All chores and busy work aside, what is often overlooked and neglected is each other. Marriage takes work. There is no question about that! What is interesting though is that the power to rekindle and ignite the marriage really does fall more on the woman in the relationship. According to Randy Bennett’s Melt Your Man’s Heart women strengthen their relationships by working with their mate and by drawing them back into a healthy relationship.

“The program specifically targets women, as it shows how they have the power and the ability to get their partners back and save their relationships.”

However, another thing to consider is that the husbands do need to play an active role. Losing sight of the more important things in life such as your marriage, your family and your friends can happen. Once one seems himself going down this path it’s important to remember that money isn’t everything. When you first got married or when you first had your child what was going through your mind in relation to work? It was probably something along the lines of ‘I need to provide for my family to keep them healthy and safe’, was it not?

Interestingly, many fail to remember that they’re working for their families benefit. When a husband neglects his family all of the money in the world doesn’t matter. You can’t buy love and you really can’t buy affection. At least not the type that will add meaning to your life. It’s good to remember that pooling your income together makes for a happier couple just the same as pooling your chores together.

So when if a wife has to work it is important to remember that both parties need to contribute to maintaining a happy marriage. If the wife is needed to help generate more income, then then husband should realize that he is needed to help out with the family and around the house. Fair is fair.

Women electricians – how easy is it to make your way in a male dominated job field?

electricianAs time passes we would like to hope that the workplace gradually becomes more and more tolerant, afterall, most of us would recognise that society itself has become more tolerant in the last few years and we would hope that the workplace would follow the society it is based in. But what is it like for somebody working in an occupation that traditionally has been dominated by members of the opposite sex? Susan (not her real name) is a recently qualified electrician, we wondered how she was finding her new job.


Finding her way into becoming an electrician was not always easy for Susan, as she tells us, “I expect a few people would raise their eyebrows at the thought of a female electrician, but I’m one of five children and all my elder siblings are brothers so I grew up in a male dominated household where messing around with computers and electronics was the norm. I’ve always loved electronics so the becoming an electrician has always really appealed to me.”

It maybe says something though that even though becoming an electrician had always appealed to Susan it was not a job option that she followed up in school, as she says “I wasn’t the most confident of teenagers and I guess the thought of putting myself out there and been a bit different really scared me at high school. If I’d chosen to take electronics I’d have been the only girl in my class and it just wasn’t a position I’d have wanted to put myself in.”

It was only after her schooling had finished that Susan found a web site ( that outlined exactly what she would need to do to become an electrician. Once Susan had a definite idea of what she need to do then things started to become a little easier “I guess I had that extra little bit of confidence, since I was older” Susan tells us, “I remember reading what I needed to do to get my qualifications, and thinking I really can do this, what I’ve always wanted is in my grasp. It was actually very empowering”

Being on the job

Since gaining her qualifications, Susan has encountered some sexism “it is out there” she tells us “work sites in particular can be very male dominated environments, some places I’ve worked at have not been very pleasant at all whereas others have been really excellent. You never really know what you’re going into until you’re there. So you just have to be prepared for whatever gets thrown at you and try to deal with as best as you can”.

So are there any benefits to being a female electrician ” Well apart from doing what I love every day, and enjoying the ‘electrician’s salary‘ I think some people are likely to be less intimidated by a female electrician, which means that job opportunities can open up quite quickly. I have a number of women clients who really seem to prefer dealing with a female”.

Finally then, for any budding electricians out there what does Susan love the most about her new job “going out to somebody and finding them hassled by the electrical related problems they’re having and then being able to fix them and know you’ve brightened their day can be an incredibly rewarding experience”.

You Can Become an LPN in Just 12 Months!

Adult Students Taking TestIt takes a long time to become a registered nurse. Most of the time, people who want to become RNs are discouraged because they can’t find the time (and the resources) to take up the course. Registered nurses require full time study and it will be difficult for a person with a full time job or a family to accomplish that.

However, that’s no reason to say goodbye to your dreams of having a good future and being able to provide for your family with a nursing career. You can become a licensed practical nurse and still enjoy the perks of being part of a health care team. In any hospital, clinic or medical facility, LPNs are very much in demand. Their tasks include taking care of a person’s chart by checking the vitals and other important data such as respiration rate, volume of liquids ingested as well as how much the output is. An LPN’s work allow medical doctors to accurately assess the patient’s condition and helps him decide on what course of action to take next.

Become an LPN Today

LPNs are also called Licensed Vocational Nurses. In some States, they are allowed to issue prescription meds, initiate and monitor intravenous therapy (also called an IV line) and do basic lab tests. In some states they also take care of a patient’s wounds and insert catheters if the need arises. While they are vocational nurses, they are under the strict supervision and monitoring of doctors, advanced practice nurses and registered nurses. They are also important in dealing with emergency situations since they are normally at the forefront of the emergency response teams.

Where do LPNs work?

There’s plenty of work available for LPNs or vocational nurses. Aside from hospitals and clinics, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities are also in constant need. They rely heavily on the practical training of LVNs when assisting patients. LPNs are also very much welcome inside community health centers, patient’s homes and other nursing facilities. This means though that as a vocational nurse, your work can sometimes shift from morning to night and various days during the week. Some weekend work may also be required if there are emergency cases.

Study to be an LPN

Being an LPN can be your second career. All you need is a high school diploma and you can already aply for a 12-month training program. You can inquire at vocational schools, technical schools community colleges or even LPN online class. The only difference between you and an RN is that yours is a diploma or a certificate course rather than a degree. Take note though that your school training center must be accredited by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC).

After that, there will be the NCLEX-PN licensing exam that you will need to pass. The good thing about this training program is that the experience and hours are credited in case you decide to take up a full nursing degree in the future. LPNs also undergo on the job training as well as courses in nursing theory, pharmacology and biology. With so many LPN online class offered today, there’s no reason why you can’t become an LPN in just 12 months.

The profession of essay writer

PaperworkDevelop Your Career and Skills in Writing

Writing is a form of communication that is very important in all aspects. Writing is a skill that needs to be developed and improved. No man in the world was born a writer. That particular skill will come out if given the opportunity.

Because writing is a skill, you will have the chance to enhance it and improve it. This can become your stepping-stone to become get a job and work a professional essay writer on any of the popular writing services we have today. Developing your writing skill involves the following:

  • Improve your Grammar – every writer develops his own way of organizing their thoughts and writing them down.
  • Read, read, read… – this is best way to enhance your writing skills. You can also highlight important quotes from the things that you’re reading that will later help you save lots of time for research. It will also help in your personal growth.
  • Learn to simplify things – this means that you need to learn how to shorten your writing. Remember Anton Chekhov, “Brevity is the mother of talent”.
  • Practice a lot – If you do not have a job yet, you can practice by writing poems, novels, short stories, articles, blogs and post them on your blog site online. This can be of a great improvement to your writing skills.
  • Make use of every opportunity given – If a client gives you an opportunity to write on a particular online job, just grab it. Do not focus on the payment or the salary, but focus on the opportunity to gain experience. Working with clients will provide many benefits. They can give advices that will help you improve your writing skills.

What makes writing an interesting profession?

Some might think that writing is a very difficult task. They think that it is hard to place all the words and structure your grammar and other things. Well, truth is that it’s not that complicated. All you need to do is to keep the conversation flowing. Writing is like talking. However, you do not get any response when you write an essay for someone. Here are some benefits and things that make writing very interesting.

  • It keeps you updated and informed – you can gain beneficial information as you research for your writing. You can also gain interesting facts out of your research.
  • You can work on a writing services job online – you can become a professional essay writer and gain good salary.
  • It sharpens the mind – writing also improves your mental capacity and helps you improve your critical and analytical thinking skills.
  • It relieves stress – writing can help relieve you from stress and helps you relax. It also helps in your personal growth development.

These are the things that make writing interesting. Writing is a type of profession that you can use as a hobby or as a business. And it looks like it will always remain important.

New Trend in Dentistry: Increase the Diversity of the Oral Health Workforce

In 2003, the Office of the Surgeon General (OSG) formulated a call to action plan for increasing diversity within the oral health workforce. Since that time, there has a been resounding call for those of other cultures to enter dental school, for the purpose of becoming dentists for the diverse culture within the United States of America. It has been found in case studies, that often times, international students adapt easier to their patients, because they are used to adapting to new situations. The call for more diversity within the oral health workforce is done, because it has been shown that people from different backgrounds, can learn new experiences from each other, that can be used throughout their lifetime.

Another reason for the call for diversity within the oral health workforce is because of the disparity between oral health care from whites and other races. It has been shown that only 41% of blacks receive quality dental care when compared to whites. A study also shows, that 39% of Asians, Indians and Hispanics receive that same quality dental care, when compared to whites, and 30% of Mexicans. When there are dentists from other cultures, this disparity can be lessened, because other cultures will tend to take care of their own. Increasing the number of minorities within the dental field, increases the likelihood that you will get a dentist who understands your culture, because it is his own. Also, the patient needs to feel comfortable with his dentist. More diversity within the oral health workforce, gives patients a more varied choice of the best dentist for him. Similar cultures seem to come together. A Hispanic patient, will more likely want to go to someone that is similar in culture, because of the comfort level attached. A dentist within this culture may appear to the patient to be more genuine, helping with the overall oral health plan of the patient, leading to better dental oral hygiene. The diversity comes into play with gender as well. A female patient may feel more comfortable with a female dentist. The comfort level allows the patient to be more relaxed in the dental setting, allowing for better long-term treatment from the dentist, which is beneficial for the patient.

Statistics for the disparity with dentists in the United States show that there are 55.3 white dentists per every 100,000 white people, 113 Asian dentists per every 100,000 Asian people, 11.5 Hispanic dentists per every 100,000 Hispanic people, 12 American Indian dentists for every 100,000 American Indian people and 15.1 African American dentists for every 100,000 African American people. While there is a better representation for Asian dentists, in comparison to their population, the other ethnicities are heavily underrepresented. This disparity would take 13,830 more African American dentists, 16,383 more Hispanics and 925 more American Indians to enter the oral healthcare workforce, in order to break the disparity, between minorities and white dentists.

Because of this, the Office of Surgeon General are requiring curriculums in dental schools across the United States of America, to be written with diversity of cultures in mind. The OSG understands that diversity is important within the field of oral healthcare and must be increased in order for everyone to benefit. Since this time, foundations have given grant monies to those dental schools who will increase the number of minority students within their enrollment and to residents serving in community clinics who help the underserved populations. The breakdown of dentists in the community within the United States of America is about 164,000 dentists serving in the community. Of these numbers, about 30% are women, 1.4% is black, 10.8% are Asian and 7.9% are Hispanic or Latino.

Through opening up the curriculum in dental schools to include diversity, along with foundations giving grant monies in support of this, the call to action plan for more diversity within the oral healthcare workforce, seems to be working. Slowly, the numbers are increasing, for qualified dentists of diversity. But there is still much work to be done for multicultural dentists to be represented for a multicultural society.

Does Diversity Matter In The Workplace?

Diversity is a huge deal for companies these days as businesses are becoming more sensitive to the importance of having a diverse workforce. However, where does one draw the line between needing diversity and hiring the absolute best staff regardless of race or ethnicity? It’s a tough line to tread, and many businesses have put together some great principles in terms of keeping both of these criteria fulfilled.

There was once a big uproar at the University of Michigan regarding race and “affirmative action”. Many felt that the University was providing unfair advantages to black and other students who were not Caucasian. The University was required to fill a certain quota of minorities, and many felt that this was a ridiculous notion to follow. Many called it “positive discrimination” and called for its removal.

What about diversity in the workforce such as was the case in Michigan? There are many positives to having a diverse workforce in the first place. You have access to many more cultures and beliefs, as well as worldviews. It can help a company better cater to all customers, and the business will not have such a myopic standpoint. states that: “A McKinsey & Company study, for example, found that the increase in women’s overall share of labor in the United States—women went from holding 37 percent of all jobs to 47 percent over the past 40 years—has accounted for about a quarter of current GDP.”

Diversity also looks good to customers as a whole. One company that stands out is Google. They are well known for a very diverse workplace and it seems to shine through in their diverse product and service line as well as the overall success of the company. But when one thinks of Google, one does never harbor any doubt that the company is looking out for all and not leaning towards the side of one race or the other.

Does computing tend to lean towards diversity in the first place, given the lack of “face time” that the employees must give to customers? Roger Feinstein of No More Sad Computer, a tech blog, seems to think so. Since computers tend to be a very universal language and one is never discriminated against in a computer lab given the “nerdy” nature of techies, it tends to lead towards a more accepting nature overall. Feinstein states that this is one of his favorite parts of working in the tech industry. “It’s so nonjudgmental, and I feel that I get to work with the most amazing people because of that.”

There’s definitely work to be done in terms of making all industries match that of the computer industry. Fashion, sales, and the beauty industry are starting to catch on slowly but surely, and you can see the difference in who these companies are featuring in their advertisements. Clothing company United Colors Of Benetton is notorious for their extremely diverse line of models, and other companies are following suit.

Handling Diversity in Workplace

handsome managersThere are numerous bottom line benefits to be accrued in promoting workplace diversity. However, you require to approach holistically the hiring process-retaining your employees can prove to be more difficult compared to recruitment. This fact is particularly true for organizations in less diverse areas where there may exist a sense of disconnection from relocated minority employees. You should take a more proactive role in helping them fully adjust in their new communities and the culture at work.

Let’s assume a person has been recruited to work in iron board or clothing irons manufacturing company. Your company is known to be making the best ironing board, or the best steam irons from clients’ reviews. Is the new employee able to fit in the demographic which you serve? Is he coming in with his own work ethics? Will he continue promoting and marketing the best steam irons which your company is renowned for?

There are many organizations like colleges, churches and cultural institutions you may turn to so as to link you with potential candidates. However, do not just restrict yourself to local community, but expand the search to other states, cities and countries. Use the internet to cast the net wider.

Design and implement equal opportunity employment policy which follows official guidelines. Form a committee to help you in the implementation of the policy and create new ideas on how you can draw more diversity to your organization.

Make your job more appealing to job seekers by stressing details which will magnetize diverse pool of candidates. You ought to be culturally sensitive when you are describing factors making your company an excellent place to work in.

You should offer diversity training in the workplace. Every employee ought to understand that hiring decisions is contingent upon identifying the best candidate, and not through quotas. Making your recruitment process above the board may ease the mind of some skeptical employees.

Provide additional benefits, such as flexible schedules, onsite daycare and childcare subsidies and show the new hires that you are ready to accommodate religious and cultural holidays and diversity- but office friendly-clothes choices. When your community does not have some cultural offerings such as ethnic restaurants, international movies and specialty markets, you may work with your local chamber of commerce to crusade for additional diversity for those needs.

Provide your new hires with concrete reasons to stay, and devote equal amount of effort and time in retaining them. The initial few weeks might prove to be the most difficult phase for them. It’s vital to show them that they have a bright future in the company. Therefore, communicate to them advancement opportunities. Establish a mentoring program so as to build close relationship at work. New friendship may be fostered by finding mentors who share personal interests.

In your ironing board company, you should learn from mistakes. Your HR department should design exit interview evaluation to establish why some employees are deserting the company, and what ought to be done to avoid future loses. Be ready to make changes, and your company will remain the best steam iron or the best ironing board manufacturers it currently is.

Advice on quitting your job and Becoming an Entrepreneur

EntrepreneurWe sought out some of the world’s bravest souls to question and answer them on the website to analyze the exact formula that Ange Fonce, founder of Great Lifestyle Development utilizes himself on his journey of becoming an entrepreneur. Ange came up with this list of techniques to get through the absolute blueprint that Ange uses on his quest to become a top-paid internet guru

* Expect people to worry on your behalf

Quitting your job and working independently can be absolutely daunting to someone who is stuck in the luxuries of the world. They have a girlfriend or a wife, they have satellite tv, a brand-new car in the driveway and they live the American Dream. To put all of those things that they feel make them who they are at risk to them is the worst nightmare they could ever imagine.

Entrepreneur Ange Fonce, founder of Great Lifestyle Development says “Don’t worry about what other people are going to say. They will feed you horror stories, tell you how only a small percentage of people ever make it in your field and they will project all of their worries onto you. DO NOT GET ANGRY with them, they are only giving you the advice that they think is right. Just because they haven’t been bitten by the entrepreneur bug yet doesn’t mean that you have to put all of your dreams and aspirations on hold for them. Ultimately they are not you and when you are making more money than you, they will probably worry that you are spending it recklessly. When you are not spending as much as them and you’re saving all of your money, they will tell you that you are missing out on the finer things in life and you are a workaholic. Ultimately, it is your life and no one can live it for you. Go after your dreams because all of the finer things in life will exist 10, 20, 50 years from now and it isn’t going anywhere. Even High Hefner has a 20 year old girlfriend and he’s a few years away from 90.”

Do not Expect Everything to be Perfect

You cannot expect things to run perfectly smooth when you are an entrepreneur, it is just completely unrealistic. You have to know that at the end of the day, that you are essentially piecing a puzzle together. As long as you are perpetually moving towards getting all of the pieces of the puzzle together and at the end of you piecing the puzzle together, there is a prize, you shouldn’t worry. Ask yourself these questions: Are you going to starve to death? Are women always going to be around, whether you are 20 or 50? Shouldn’t your friends always care about you, whether you are as financially secure as them or not? If your friends decide to not want to spend as much time with you as before, when you were more financially stable, can you find other friends who are on a similar path that you can hang out with? These are the questions that are imperative for you to evaluate in order for you to ahead as anentrepreneur, more so than if you had a regular 9-5 job.

Have a goal or theme to guide you

If you are going to go rogue to start your business, you have to have a plan and a direction, a goal and continually improve upon that goal all the way to the top of the food chain.

You can be the smartest, brightest star and have all of the experience in the world, yet, if you have nothing driving you forward and no passions for you to work towards, you are going to be shooting arrows into the dark and take the path of least resistance, which will probably render you a couch potato for the rest of your life.

Have a passion, do your homework, follow your passion and then you have a rough blueprint on how you’re going to go about obtaining wealth. Otherwise, you’re just a guy in the woods with a rifle and no real goal on what to do with it.

A Few Fun Careers To Consider

Trying to find a decent job these days can be a real challenge. Even more difficult is trying to find a job that you actually like. Being happy at your occupation is vital if you want to have a long career. There are basically two options you have; you can go out and look for a job you like or you can pick a hobby or activity that you like to do and try and make a career out of it. Either of these two options can work but finding a job is usually easier than trying to start a home business from scratch. Working for yourself from home can be very rewarding so it is something to consider. Below are a few suggestions for these two options.

If you are really interested in starting your own home business so you can work out of your house you need to find a skill or talent that you can use to generate some revenue. Working from your home can be a great option for anyone with young children because you don’t have to pay for child care but you can still make some extra money. One suggestion is to become a home seamstress and do repairs or make garments for your friends and family which should generate more referrals by worth of mouth. If you already have experience sewing this is a pretty easy business to start. If you not you will have to learn to sew which can be done by taking a few classes or getting someone to show you the ropes. You will also need a sewing machine, a place to work and a few accessories to get you up and running. Once you have everything you need you can start doing some small jobs and bring in some money. The best part is you decide when you work so the flexibility is great compared to working a tradition job.

If you prefer to get a regular job something that can be fun is working at your local coffee shop as a barista. Most cities have a coffee shop on every corner so there are lots of opportunities to find a place to work. Being a barista may seem daunting but many cafe’s offer on the job training if you have no experience. Another option is to take a class at a local college. Not all colleges offer barista classes but if you can find one and complete it you will usually get a certificate which is helpful when looking for a job. Another option is to practice at home with your own espresso machine. You can learn a lot by watching a few videos and getting tips from local baristas who have some experience. Also try using different coffee grind fineness and tamping pressure to learn how it affects the espresso. After you learn a bit about the process of making espresso you can apply for a job with confidence saying you do have some experience.

These two careers may not be for everyone but if you are stuck deciding how you want to make your living maybe one of these is for you.