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How to prepare for a diversity job fair

jobA diversity job fair is a great place to go, when you are looking for a position. If you are a minority in the workplace, it is a great way for you to showcase your skills and talent, and show why you are a great asset for an employer. In order to prepare, there are a few things that can be done, in order for you to find more viable options, and show more employers why you are a good fit for their company, and what you can bring. (more…)

Creating Effective Resumes

Creative ResumesA resume is a brief, written summary of your skills and experience. It is an overview of who you are and a tool to present yourself to employers. The goal of a well-written resume is to gain a job interview. Job interviews may lead to employment! Employers and Hiring Managers are very busy and tend to rapidly review resumes. Therefore, your resume must quickly catch the employer’s attention. (more…)

Diversity in the Health Informatics Field

Health Informatics is one of the fastest growing segments in the health industry, fueled by the push to move our health systems into a purely paperless environment. This effort is backed by governmental mandates to have medical records moved to secure electronic medical records by January of 2015, with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Businesses are scrambling as quickly as they can to move to these types of electronic medical records to avoid facing very stiff penalties.

With more and more workers entering the field of health informatics, one of the key benefits to this rapid growth is a natural diversification of the workforce. People from all backgrounds and experiences are moving into this field to fill the gaps. Even in large tech companies, the importance of diversity is being highlighted and brought to light, such as the recent diversity report that was issued by Apple. Apple revealed that 54 percent of the company’s technology jobs in the United States are held by whites. Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “We are making progress, and we’re committed to being as innovative in advancing diversity as we are in developing our products.”

Businesses that are hiring new health informatics staff, are focused on finding the most suitable people for the position. Since there are very few candidates out there who are qualified for these positions, they are eagerly seeking all backgrounds and experiences in order to be able to accomplish the tasks at hand. Having a diverse workforce helps them ensure that they are hiring the best and brightest. They are also finding that when keeping an open door to all types of people that overall creativity increases, productivity increases, new attitudes are fostered, new processes are created and additional language skills are acquired.

In this field, all the benefits that come with diversity are beneficial for those companies to reach the end goal. Utilizing creativity to find ways around problems that crop up during this transition is crucial to success. Improving the productivity of those involved in the transition helps save businesses money that they would have to pay in fines should they fall beyond the looming deadlines. Having open attitudes helps everyone get along together and to work towards a common goal. New processes are created in places where they didn’t exist before. And with the many different cultures and nationalities that go through our medical system, the need for multi-lingual staff is higher than ever.

The important piece to keep in mind is that diversity is fundamentally focused on talent. If you are talented and have the needed skillset for the job at hand, you have a very good chance of landing a position in one of the numerous health informatics jobs available. It might require some training on your part before you can qualify for one of these positions, but one of the benefits of this field is that many of the people who would be interested in working in this area have most of the skills already. With just a little further work you can obtain the training you need to be a perfect candidate for the job.

Why Women Are Capable of Working alongside Men in Physically Demanding Jobs

Why Women Are Capable of Working alongside Men in Physically Demanding Jobs

Today women are working shoulder to shoulder with men in many fields which were considered as men dominated since times immemorial. Though by nature men and women are not at same level of physical endurance and strength but still women are working with men in almost all the fields of work, either cooperatively or competitively. Certain jobs are considered as suitable only for men due to difference in their emotional and physical strength with women, even if women have proved to be intellectually stronger than men. But in certain circumstances women are also capable to work for the jobs demanding physical endurance alongside men.

Until last few decades certain physically demanding jobs were considered suitable only for men and not women as they were believed to have different potentials and skills. Some jobs, like in the field of armed forces, mechanics or mining, are considered as suitable to men only as they need more physical strength to handle heavy equipments. These sectors are especially dominated by men though some women have also proved their capability in these fields. But increasing level of literacy among women in places like India and the passion of competing with men dominated society has encouraged a large number of women today to work alongside men in physically demanding jobs.

Some women also show their potential in working alongside men in physically demanding jobs due to their lower literacy and intellectual level and financial constraints. In order to fulfill the financial needs of their family several women get ready to work with men even if they are paid less than men due to natural disparity in their physical strength. In fact women go to such jobs normally under compulsive situations, if they do not have any other source to earn their livelihood.

Although physical skills are sometimes lacking among women, unless they workout often, there are many sectors which are physically demanding and where women are as good and even sometimes better than men. Women are by nature patient and caring and due to these qualities they have excellent potentials to be the best in the fields of public relations, nursing, hospitality and teaching and all of these jobs are physically as well as mentally demanding. In these jobs men are normally far behind women.

Moreover some women have proved their potential in successfully doing the jobs which are dominated by men. There are many examples in the field of science and technology, which is until today dominated by men, where women like Madame Curie have proved their mettle. Several women have successfully conquered the seas, the skies and the mountains which are also physically demanding jobs. But still a discrepancy appears between men and women due to the difference in their physical strength as such successful women are few in number.

Thus it can be concluded that women are capable of working alongside men in physically demanding jobs in any condition whether it is for their financial needs or for the passion of proving their capability. They are ready to prove their potential in every condition as they are less than none.

Productivity at Work: How Audio and Headphones Can Make You More Productive

In recent New York Times article it has been suggested that listening to music can increase productivity. Sometime interruptions in the workplace can break the workflow. Loud sudden noises in the workplace can distract workers taking valuable time to get the workflow back going again.

In other situations the workplace environment may come with built in noises like conversations in the background that can become hard to tune out at times. It has been suggested that by putting on headphones in playing music can help employees remain focused.

Using music to remain focused is not a new idea. There have been studies that have shown music can help relax the mind increasing focus and concentration. In health care facilities music is used in during the MRI process to help patients remain calm threw the process and not become anxious or begin feeling claustrophobic from being in such a confined place.

One of the more cited case studies titled “Mozart Effect” concludes that children who listened to Mozart’s music my benefit from increased efficiency when preforming certain cognitive task that deal with spatial-temporal reasoning or the ability to maintain an continuous though process over a long period of time.

This study can easily transform over to the workplace. Tasks that require the complete focus of employees can be preformed better if the employee is able to tune out background office noise and distractions and remain focused on the task at hand.

On the other extreme workplaces can become too quite as well, this can cause employees to begin to feel their work is becoming monotonous. Because music releases dopamine in the reward area of the brain it allows the brain to associate the task at hand with the reward from music encouraging the mind to remain focused on the task in order to continue to reap the reward.

Finding a good fitting, noise isolated, high quality sounding pair of headphones or earbuds is important to create a workplace that is able to utilize the cognitive stimulation that comes from music. Here are some things to remember about earbuds and headphones.

Good fitting headphones and earbuds are secure on the ears and will not fall off or come out creating a distraction from assigned task. As well they should not be uncomfortable, because if the wearer is uncomfortable they are more likely to focus more on the discomfort than the actual task.
• Noise isolation is created by the proper fit of the earbuds or headphones creating a seal. This will block outside noises without the wearing having to crank up the volume too loud.
• Headphones and earbuds should be durable and able to withstand extra tension on the cords as not to turn the sound mono and breaking the focus of employees.
• An investment into a quality sounding set of headphones or earbuds for the workplace can be made for under $200.

Music in the work place may not be as new of a concept as you may think. For decades professional athletes have used music as away to channel their focus before preforming. Not to say that your entire office will be slam dunking, or hitting baseballs out of the office windows after utilizing music. However it is proven that the focus of professional athletes is some of the best in the world, so it stands to reason that a good fitting, quality sounding, noise isolating set of headphones or earbuds just may provided office workers with a similar type of focus on their tasks at hand.

Can Taking Your Work Home with You Actually Relieve Stress?

Woman With Baby Working From Home Using LaptopWe always hear the contrary: how taking your work home with you causes more stress. Well, we decided to challenge that. We’re just not sure that argument holds up. We have a few reasons why we think so. First, when you’re home, you’re in your comfort zone. You don’t have the anxiety of a boss looking over your shoulder, but you are surrounded by people you love (usually). Second, you get to work in the most ideal way for you. Want to take your pants off? Go ahead! Want to bring your laptop in bed and work (for my fellow designers!)? Sure! We think taking work home with you isn’t so bad after all.

If you disagree, we understand. However, we’d still ask that you give it a try. We’ve compiled a list of things that you can do to help.

  1. Surround yourself in very calming aspects of your home. Your home office might not be as relaxing if you have a bunch of kids running around shooting you with Nerf guns. Your home office will be more relaxing if you put on calming music (we recommend the “classical” channel on Pandora). Also, feel free to bring your laptop to the island in the kitchen. We’ve found it’s a great environment to be around your significant other while they fill the kitchen with superb smells. This is therapeutic for you, and it helps relieve stress while you work. We’ve also found that when you’re working around people you enjoy, you don’t feel trapped by your work. This is positive; positivity relieves stress.
  2. Leave the demanding, challenging stuff for the office. This work usually requires collaborating, teamwork, and resources that only the office can provide. However, do you have a few side projects that you need to complete? Score! That is the type of work that can be completed passively at home.
  3. Make sure you have the right mindset when you bring your work home. It’s important not to think of your home as just another office. It isn’t. The point of this article is to provide you with tips that will help you balance out your work life. If you think of your home as another office, then you’re bound to drag that dreadful stress home with you. Think of your home as a place where you can work passively, happily, and as a place where you can get a little extra done which will ultimately lead to a decrease of anxiety during the rest of the week.

Listen, we get that some of these techniques will work for some people and some of them wont. We do think the standard notion that working from how causes more stress needs to be challenged. If you utilize it properly, it can help out a ton in the long run.

Thanks for reading, as always!

How Women Can Cope With a Physically Demanding Job

Diversity encompasses understand, accepting, and respecting that each individual is unique and recognizing the existence of individual differences. Such individual differences can be as a result of gender, race, ethnicity, age, religious beliefs, physical disabilities, socioeconomic status, and other ideologies. The significance of diversity is that it leads to a company’s increased business performance. In addition, an organization promotes a better reputation especially among the customers. In addition, diversity leads to increased flexibility and better workforce quality.

In the recent past, women have made great strides as far as the work environment is concerned. However, inequality still persists. Even today, horizontal segregation is still rampant. This is the perception that occupations and workplace roles and preferences are determined by one’s gender. It has been propagated by deep rooted gender stereotypes. For example, the society still believes that physically demanding jobs are a preserve of men. Similarly, jobs that are perceived to be dangerous are sometimes seen as best suited for men. This includes military combat and firefighting. In this regard, there are a number of occupations that have been traditionally male dominated. Consequently, the female’s attempt to penetrate to such occupations have been slapped with major barriers. For instance, pre-employment strength testing are in favor of men and have tended to discriminate women.

Having said that, a careful discussion on how women can cope up with a physically demanding job is paramount in realizing diversity goals in the workplace. Even if this means that a woman should start exercising and supplementing with a quality protein in order to gain any type of advantage possible, she still does have a shot.

To start with, women should learn to be assertive in the workplace. This is by showing a can do attitude and not accepting gender based discrimination of any form whatsoever. In this regard, there are many legal address alternatives should one feel that she has been discriminated against on the basis of gender. However, any accusation emanating from such should be factual and not subjective. This is because litigation is expensive and time consuming. If one does not have enough evidence, the litigation process may be counterproductive and costly to an individual.

Second, women should strike a good balance between career and family duties. Many women find themselves dividing their time between career, family, and other responsibilities. This can make them drained and tired. Creating time to rest is indispensable. This helps a woman to avoid burn out. Should such a burn out happen, one should actively address problems, clarify job description, ask for new duties, or even take time off to relax and then come back to work.

Third, pregnancy time should be a time when a woman is given maximum support. In such situations, a woman should have a discussion with the company’s management about occupational health issues. In such a time, the company should reassign some heavy demanding duties for the sake of the health of the pregnant woman. As far as possible, one’s health and well-being should never be neglected in the name of a career.

Lastly, women should ensure that they undergo adequate training that will make them prepared for physically demanding job. This helps them to be able to cope with dangerous situations, emergencies, and even disasters. In addition, they should ensure that they have enough facilities and that they can effectively use them without mishaps For instance, use of protective gear during construction work is important as it reduces accidents. It is also important as it protects their life and their health.

In conclusion, diversity involves constant exploration of individual differences in a positive, safe, and nurturing environment. Employees move beyond individual tolerance and appreciate their individual differences. The government, the business entities, other organizations, and in deed the general society, all have a role to play in helping women cope with physically demanding job.

Can a Woman be a Warehouse Worker?

These are hard economic times and it has become important for both men and women to work to make a family survive. It becomes all the more important for a woman to work if she is unmarried. She has to have a job or start a business to earn a living. With the tough economy and jobs always hard to find, more and more women are being seen working in job positions that were earlier thought to be suitable only for men. One such job is that of a warehouse worker. This is a job that requires receiving trucks and vans and loading and unloading products and then storing them according to shapes and sizes. This is a tough job that requires a certain level of fitness and agility. But if a woman is healthy and strong, she can handle the responsibilities of a warehouse worker.

There is no space for emotions
There have been many cases where women have reported abuse while working as a warehouse employee. They say that they were constantly pushed to the brink and reminded that they were not good enough and that they needed to work faster and more efficiently. It is customary for the management of a warehouse to set goals for all workers and they increase those goals if a worker manages to fulfill the targets. They are interested in workers who can work fast, almost like machines. They are not interested in accommodating workers who are slow as it hurts their objectives. You just cannot break down and start crying if the workload is too much for you to perform. Take a look at some of the responsibilities of a warehouse employee.

  • Loading and unloading of products
  • Receiving, storing, and organizing objects according to sizes and amounts
  • Data basing and record keeping
  • Cleaning up the mess created by loading and unloading

Say yes if you can work in shifts
Most of the warehouses pay minimum wages to their employees and ask them to work in shifts. This is no problem for women who can manage their home responsibilities outside the shift. They also do not have qualms about being made minimum wages as this is what every worker irrespective of his gender seems to be getting at the warehouse. However, the problem for women at a warehouse is more of an emotional nature rather than being physical. Yes, there are demanding physical jobs that require standing, holding heavy object and bending to postures that can be awkward for some women. But if you are physically fit and ready to take the rough in your stride, you can easily work as a warehouse employee.

Ability to drive a forklift comes in handy
If you have a valid operators license and know how to drive and operate a forklift, you stand a good chance of being given preferential treatment at a warehouse by the management. This is because this forklift makes work easier for the employees by carrying heavy objects from one place to another and it can also load and unload products. You can escape the work of loading and unloading manually and operate the forklift at times to get a breather in the warehouse.

Understand your options
To be frank, the job at a warehouse is not ideal for women. You have to work like a machine continuously without getting a breather. It can become tiring at times, but you cannot slow down or stop for fear of being reprimanded. Management is not interested in your excuses and there are 10 more people waiting to be given the job if you are seen as inefficient or slow. Be prepared to work at unusual times and also outside in unpleasant weather if you want to become a warehouse employee. If you happen to be on an assembly line, forget about a break in between as it will hamper with production. In truth the job is not ideal for men either. But many women have proven they can do it, but it is difficult.

Why is Diversity in the Workplace Essential?

Human resource is one of the most important segments in any organization. As a professional blogger providing useful tips and information in this field, I believe that there should be diversity in the workplace. Even on a personal level, it excites me when I get the chance to interact and meet people from different backgrounds. In meeting various people from all walks of life, we get to learn many things from them. This is also one of the reasons why I decided to create a blog dealing with topics like these. Working as an HR consultant, I get the chance to provide valuable information in my field of specialization.

Diversity Encourages Qualified Workforce

While I was starting to write an article, I got the chance to interview various people from a writer handling kitchen faucet reviews to a seller trying to help people find the best electric toothbrush. Almost all of the people I asked regarding the importance of diversity in the workplace, mentioned that it encourages qualified workforce and I think the same way too. I can just imagine how it would be like if in my workplace we came from the same university or we have the same likes and dislikes. If there is diversity when it comes to for instance finding new recruits, it is definitely a good thing. Each and everyone of us have our own set of talents and skills. This is also the same concept I apply at work. Whenever I want to hire someone for a particular position, I see to it that the pool of candidates comes from diverse backgrounds. In that way, I can find that person that will perfectly match my criteria.

Diversity Encourages Creativity and Inventiveness

Another reason why diversity in the workplace is essential is the fact that it fosters creativity. I get the chance to conduct a seminar where the attendees came from different background and professions. At first, I was thinking that they would give me a hard time considering that we might be in different fields and have different perceptions and views on things. To my surprise, I was able to get creative views from them. When I asked certain questions, I got really nice answers. In my experience, I think it is beneficial to have diversity not just in the workplace but as well as in other setting or environment. We can have the chance to share different ideas and views on various matters and aspects of life, of anything under the sun.

Diversity Reduces Employee Turnover

With creativity and inventiveness overflowing, employees can definitely experience growth and they not get bored as the workplace is lively. I noticed that in getting people from various backgrounds allow me to have a more dynamic team. When people get along with a vibrant and active group, it makes a person feel at home and more positive thereby reducing employee turnover. Working in a diverse workplace offers many benefits. Although it has its share of downsides too like for instance, it might be a bit difficult to manage diverse people.

Best Jobs for the Diverse Workplace of 2015

business teamEver since the dotcom boom put impact on the market,finding jobs has been very difficult. People with take-the-job-and-kick-it attitude are taking up low-spirit jobs that are more rewarding. From health care to advertising, sector after sector, the demand for the employees is growing up to boost the employee’s morale to take up new jobs.

Today’s workforce is also becoming more diverse. If you are someone who considers himself/herself a minority, make sure to be looking for jobs where minorities are accepted in large numbers. Below are some of the best jobs that we recommend you look into in 2015:

Fitness trainers and instructors

Job outlook

As per bureau of labor statistics, the fitness trainers and instructors are going to witness 13 percent increase in the job outlook. The number of jobs is going to be 267,000 in the coming year. Currently the job pays approximately $13 per hour. With the number of job requirements, a surge in the pay scale is expected.


It is import for the aspired fitness trainers to get certifications from top notch fitness training schools. An entry level job requires a simple high school diploma as primary education.

Occupational Therapy Aides

Job outlook

The requirements in this sector can grow up to 41 percent in the following year. This job pays approximately $24 per hour. With the requirements gearing up in great speed, the income is quite set high for the coming year. An employment increase of about 15900 is expected in the coming year with a number of requirements of up to 38600.


You have to pass and exam meant for national therapist assistants. Prior to that, you need to have education from Accreditation council for occupational therapist education.

Environmental engineering technicians

Job outlook

As per the studies the job outlook for this sector is going to group up by 18 percent. Number of job requirement can be up to 1900 with a change of 3500 jobs in this career. Average income of a technician is $22 per hour. Growing job requirement in this sector sees a boom in the salary.


This career can be highly lucrative in terms of money if the candidates have an associate degree of two years. Post study experience has great relevance in this job.

Financial Advisers

Job outlook

The jobs in this category have an expected boom of 27 percent that is quite high than the average. Most of corporate are going to hire 223,400 employees in the upcoming years. This job sees an employment change of 60,300 in the coming ten years. An experienced candidate for this job can earn $33 per hour currently. A hike is expected as the demand is more.


A bachelor degree in finance best suits this job. Most fascinating thing about this job is that in this job you constantly need to update yourself to keep yourself update with the recent industry changes.

Physical Therapists

Job Outlook

As per the recent trends, the current outlook of this job is 36 percent. In the coming years the job sees an employment change of 73,500 with whooping job requirements of up to 204,200. A physical therapist can earn $39 per an hour.


You need to have a graduate degree in physical therapy. To practice this job you need to be license holder of physical therapist.

Survey Researchers

Job Outlook

Job outlook sees an expected growth rate of 32 percent or more in the upcoming years. Number of vacancies is expected to grow up to 415,700 with an employment change of 131, 500. You can earn up to $29 per hour as a survey researcher. The recent trends make it certain about the expect hike in the income trends.


You can join entry level jobs with a bachelor degree. Most of the corporate hire master degree holders for technical positions.

Best jobs for 2015 to look out for

Computer software engineer, compliance officers, Educational teachers, veterinarians, dental assistants and hygienists, athletic trainers, biochemists, biophysicists, skin care specialists, scientists in medical field, financial analysts, home care aides, home health aides, communication analysts, and biomedical engineering are the field that are expected offer hot jobs for the year 2015 as per survey of job trends for 2012 to 2022.

Skills are going to take pretty judgmental role in the hiring process of most of the corporate keeping aside the study and professional experience.

Promoting Running Among Your Employees

Working in an office puts a significant burden on your body and your soul. Sitting all day long can lead to the development of diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity, or diabetes. Research shows that lack of exercise can lead to mental illness. Not to mention that playing sports can influence your productivity in a positive way. Exercising releases positive hormones, which makes people happy, more curious and makes them feel better about themselves. All in all if you are an employer who cares about the well being of his or her workers, you are obliged to promote an active lifestyle at the workplace.

One of the most popular sports that corporate employees engage in is running. It doesn’t take much time, it can be done anywhere and it is cheap to do. Many corporations like to encourage running by letting their employees go running during their lunch breaks, or subsidizing the purchase of sports footwear. In this article I plan to share other ideas about how you can make your employees run more.

First of all you should make sure that you rent an office at a green area. If your city has a river running through it the banks of the river are excellent for a quick jog most of the time. It also helps if your office is located near a park or a small forest. Make sure that the area where your office is located is easy on the eyes, and encourages your employees to get outdoors.

If you are not located in a green area, make sure that the office building has a gym. Even if your area is located in a nice part of the city, a gym allows the workers to exercise even if it is raining. Speaking about rainy days, you can give out running jackets on the next corporate event if you are looking to encourage participation in sports during the winter.

Another great idea is to establish running clubs. Find those who like running, and encourage them to start a group, go out exercising with those who are not doing it currently. This will force people to develop new relationships at the workplace, as well as make them healthier. One of the most renown running clubs in corporate America is the Newton Running Company.

You should find other companies who have running clubs. They are likely up for a little bit of competition. Try to establish running events, races where the employees can meet. This is likely to make the employees happier, as they can network, or you might be able to get new deals for your company.

However sports is only one part of a healthy lifestyle, good diet is just as important. If your office has a canteen, try to work out some deal with them in order to make them offer at least a few healthy dishes. Salads, white meat like chicken breasts and whole grain pastries are all a must for a person who is looking to have a good diet.

And finally, you should lead by example. Your employees will be a lot more enthusiastic about exercising if their boss is out there sweating, than if exercising is forced upon them. If you run every day, or at least every weekday, you will be happier, you will see increased productivity, and soon you will see your employees join you on the tracks.

The New Normal

Beautiful smiling woman working on laptopSo your parents want you to go to school, get a job, work for 40 years and then retire on a fat pension? Forget it. Those days are gone! The rules have changed in the employment game. Having a job today doesn’t mean that you’ll have one tomorrow, and having the promise of a pension in 40 years doesn’t mean that company will even exist to pay you out!

The ‘new normal’ in employment is part time employment. Unfortunately, many people are being forced to look for a second job, or even being ‘promoted’ at their current jobs, being forced to take on twice the workload with little or no pay raise. We live in a time when you cannot depend on a corporation for your future anymore, and frankly, you’d completely stupid to! So, what can you do?

Start putting yourself first.

This sounds like a dead give away, but it’s surprising how many people completely ignore the option of starting some sort of side business to supplement their income. If you are fortunate enough to have a full time job, there are still plenty of hours in your day, and week, where you can start a business which can bring in more money for you and your family. If you are part time employed, you have no excuse to not be launching a self-run business.

Why start a business?

While there are a million and one great reasons to start your own business, let’s just look at a few.

First, it gives you the option to be your own boss. Many small businesses that are slowly nurtured, and start out with relatively few clients, can grow into much larger, sustainable money makers which can eventually replace your full time income. This allows you to set your own schedule, choose where you work, and spend more time doing the things that you want to do. The people you answer to are your customers, who help you build your business into a larger success, instead of your boss and managers, who take your expertise and profit from it.

Second, you become self sufficient. There is no better feeling than knowing that you are able to provide for yourself and your family. Even in times of economic uncertainty, knowing that your “job” is not at stake is one of the best feelings in the world.

Third, entrepreneurs ACTUALLY help the economy. I say ‘actually’ because large corporations tend to make massive amounts of money while paying inexcusably small amounts of taxes. Small business owners are helping the cash flow through different hands on smaller levels in communities around the country, which is a great thing.

So what kind of business could I start?

There are so many different options to choose from these days. It’s important to take the time to figure out what kind of business would best suit your lifestyle, and your strengths.

If you have any special skills, especially qualified ones, it’s worth considering freelancing or consulting, picking up clients on the side and slowly building your side income.

With the internet, you can start a multitude of different online businesses without ever leaving the comfort of your living room. Some examples of this are:

E-commerce - Consider building an online store. You can sell products that you buy wholesale, make yourself, or you can even go the drop shipping route, where you don’t actually hold the merchandise at all, you simple pass orders to a warehouse! Think of Amazon, but your own personal version.

Affiliate Marketing - There are plenty of people who build websites that promote products for other people. With relatively little experience required, you can put together a site that earns commissions by helping online retailers make sales. Sites like this one chug along and produce earnings month after month for their owner without much maintenance.

You can even sell your skills on marketplaces like Fiverr or Elance. Simply set up a profile and start selling practically anything to buyers all across the planet!

You never know what small project might just end up changing your life. It’s definitely worth looking into starting your own supplementary business. Remember that the person who is most concerned, and most responsible, for your future is you.